Girls unfair expectations

I think we all know those girls who have just started going out with their new boyfriend (probably the fourth this week-but that’s beside the point!) and thus the expectations have began. 

Day in and day out I see multiple posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, of girls talking about their boyfriends and not what they have done right, but everything they have done wrong!

Your boyfriend didn’t send you a “good morning beautiful” text?, it’s the end of the world, he must be cheating on you with another girl. Because that is the only logical reason. He definitely wasn’t sleeping because that wouldn’t make sense at all! Be logical maybe your boy is sleeping because you kept him up all night texting! 

Your boyfriend didn’t buy you a giant teddy bear or a Pandora bracelet for Christmas? wow I feel so sorry for you! Did you ever stop and think that maybe it is the thought that counts.

Another girl favourited one of your boys tweets or his Facebook pictures? Well obviously they are sleeping together, that is the only possibility right? Wrong! Did you ever stop and think that maybe they are friends? Or maybe your boy doesn’t even know her, or maybe she just thought the tweet was funny? 

Your boy talks to other girls now and then? Oh god he is sleeping with all of them. Your boy talks to another girl, that he has known for ever, all the time? Oh wow they must be secretly going out, how about boys and girls are able to be friends without anything going on!

Girls you cannot lock your boys in a cage! He is not your dancing monkey, he has rights and he is a human being and he makes mistakes, so you need to get off your high horse and accept the fact that you are not and will never be the only girl in his life! You can hope to be the only girl he will ever fall in love with, but you can’t guarantee that either. So just be reasonable girls no breaking up just because he didn’t text you in the morning, no accusations just because another girl liked his photo and finally no indirect tweeting because he didn’t buy you the most expensive present in the world.


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